“Evil Dead” Spoofs Horror Films

By Amber McDonald

Zombies, bloodshed, and an oblivious but triumphant hero are just a few of the elements found in a typical horror movie and you’ve seen the story over and over again; but for “Evil Dead: The Musical”, that’s the point.  “Evil Dead” spoofs traditional horror films by making fun of their inconsistent plots, bumbling characters, and humor, even though these movies are meant to scare audiences, not make them laugh.

The musical was based around the movie “The Evil Dead”, directed by former MSU student Sam Raimi.

“Evil Dead” does a good job of capturing the personalities of each character typically found in any good horror flick:  the college frat guy, a geeky sister, a young couple in love, and a ditzy blonde.  The play also had great song and dance numbers, like the gross-out “Look Who’s Evil Now” and a tango-inspired “What the F— Was That”.

Standout performances include the “Evil Eddie” number, where a “bit-part” demon reflects on his inability to scare anyone, and the character Jack, a countryman who unknowingly gets himself involved in the evil that’s taking over the souls of the young college kids.

The final dance numbers were elaborate, but could have been more in synch; however, it was well choreographed considering all of the actors may not be trained dancers.

Other great moments include watching the reactions of the audience members in the splatter zone, where they get hit with everything from vomit to blood.

“Evil Dead” is a good play overall and offers more than enough good laughs.  The play, however, is meant for mature audiences (due to coarse language and sexual references) so leave the younger brothers and sisters at home.

The Theatre Department has also decided to put together a few “Evil Dead”-related events this week, including an acting class with Betsy Baker, an original cast member from “The Evil Dead”.  The class will be held in the RCAH Auditorium in Snyder/Phillips at 7:30pm.

To check out more upcoming events, go to the Department of Theatre’s website at http://theatre.msu.edu/productions/shows/FI2010-evildead/.

The play will run until Sunday, October 24.  Student tickets are available at the Wharton Center Box Office for $15.


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