Students Rally for a Purpose

By Megan Kirk

The Black Student Alliance (BSA) hit the ground running with their 38th Annual Black Power Rally, held October 27 at the Pasant Theatre inside MSU’s Wharton Center.  African-American students gathered for the presentation of mime, dance and poems.  The theme was: “Wake up: We’re in a Daze”.

Before the show began, different student organizations set up tables to promote their individual organization, including Successful Black Men.

“I think it will be innovative and inspiring, as it is every year,” said Paris Wilson, president of Successful Black Men.

Other organizations including African American Celebratory (AAC), the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Alternative Spring Break were also there. As students filled inside the theater, they were met by a coffin center stage that remained  there until the show began. The show opened with a poem by Journalism graduate student Clarence Ball and lead into the pouring of libations, a ritual meant to show ancestors respect.

Student speaker Iolaus Lee carried the show into intermission before guest speaker Dick Gregory took the stage.

Although Gregory is in his late 70s, he used his experience as a comedian to engage the audience as well as send a message about unity. Gregory spoke about the attitude of the black community and the things African Americans need to become aware of.

“Why do you think there is no liquor stores in the suburban areas but are found in the inner cities?” Gregory said.

Hospitality Business senior and president of BSA Courtney Jackson said it took a lot of planning to put the rally together.

“It was very difficult to put the show together as far as precise timing and transitioning. It took us almost a month and a half to plan it and [putting] it into two hours is very difficult,” Jackson said.

Cezanne Mouton, Social Chair of AAC, thought the show was successful.

“I feel like the success of the show was phenomenal, indescribable; it makes you proud to do things like this because of the big turn out.”

The purpose of the show was to uplift the community and to increase awareness.


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