“I’m A Vagina Warrior”

By Antonice Strickland

University Activities Board (UAB) held Michigan State University’s first celebration of song, dance, and music in honor of women. This empowering showcase for women of all colors, shapes, and sizes made up Vagina Warriors. The event was organized by UAB Multicultural Director Lauren Bealore, who said she was inspired by the “Vagina Monologues.” The presentation was a part of an entire week of events that showcased the beauty of femininity and the creativity of women. Vagina Warriors featured an array of diverse female talent on campus. Bealore expressed the importance of unifying the diversity of women on a large campus like MSU.

“I didn’t want it to be typical, like just singers and dancers. We got a saxophonist, a bassist, and Jazz singers,” Bealore said.

Vagina Warriors brought many communities together with the help of Master of Ceremonies senior Kierra Emerson, who is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She brought excitement to the event by interacting with the audience and uplifting each female performer she brought to the stage.

“I want to gain experience, and I haven’t worked with UAB before so it is good to help out,” Emerson said.

Some acts included the only all-female accapella group, ‘Ladies First’, and Impulse Dance Team. Sophomore Nicolette Raymore was very excited about this opportunity to dance for a cause.

“This show will be about ‘Girl Power’, and will show that girls together are a great thing!”said Raymore.

Impulse performed a modern, lyrical dance piece for the audience.

“One message I would like to give to the rest of campus through performing is unity; our community is much divided” said sophomore Brittney King, who performed a poem about the power of a woman and her vagina.

The poem seemed to hit home with some members of the audience and even young male students were astonished, clapping and snapping their fingers at the end of her performance.

While all of the performers had different styles and technique, each agreed on the common goal of performing at such an inspiring event. Senior Jazz vocalist Jasmine “Yellokake” Hamilton-Wray summarized the show as “a testament through the arts to show women empowerment to the student body at MSU.”

Yellokake performed several musical pieces including a freestyle and a song she wrote herself.


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