Is It Here Yet?

By April Barnes

With all of the unpredictable weather mishaps we have been experiencing in Michigan, most of MSU’s students cannot wait until March so they can finally escape the unpredictable weather.

Looking for the hottest spot to spend your spring break?

Spring Break is right around the corner and everyone is booking last minute flights, hotels and doing a little bit of shopping for that perfect swim suit. Spring break is considered the best week of second semester for many students MSU, but how do you guarantee that you will have a fun, safe and economical vacation?

When we all think of spring break, we think of fun in the sun, bathing suits and some sort of beach, whether it is an ocean, lake, or even just a swimming pool. After a little surveying of MSU’s campus, I found out that most students plan on traveling to “hot spots” which was not much of a shocker. A lot of people are going to Miami and some are also going to Las Vegas this year. Either way, escaping from Michigan’s mischievous weather for a week is sure to be an enjoyable time.

For many of the students traveling, graduation is right around the corner and they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to have a blast at spring break one last time. Here are a few tips to having a fun, affordable trip this spring break!

1.     Start early! The closer the date gets, the more everything costs. Airlines know that spring break is coming and the places that we would like to go to the most. It isn’t a coincidence that tickets are going up about 30 dollars a day. So if you haven’t gotten your plane tickets yet, get them right away!

2.     We all want to be close to the beach, strip, hottest restaurants and nightclubs respectively. But those rooms tend to be the priciest. It would be a good idea to consider staying a few blocks further to go a little easy on your pockets. That way you and your friends will be obligated to walk further and explore the area, ultimately giving you more bang for your buck.

3.     Also: this one is for the ladies especially!  When you go shopping for your trip, plan out exactly what you are looking for. Most importantly, think of clothes and accessories that you already have at home so you won’t be tempted to buy a whole new wardrobe for a one week vacation. That way the pressures of last minute shopping won’t force you to buy thing you would not normally buy.

As spring break approaches and everyone hits the beach, be sure to keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have some money. You will be happy knowing that when you get back to the bitter, cold weather you will still have some money in the bank.


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