The Importance of Emotional Health and Mental Stability

By Zaneta Chuniq Inpower

Emotional health is an aspect of mental health that encompasses stress management, depression and other mental/emotional factors that can slow you down or damage your overall health. Every day, many of us deal with babies, co-workers, baby’s mama’s/daddy’s, husband/wife, in-laws, nosy neighbors, roommates and more. Dealing with difficult people lead to dealing with situations and sometimes those situations can be stressful or emotionally draining. I was once told, “if you can’t change your situation, change your attitude”. This means that instead of complacency or complaining, having a positive outlook and hopeful attitude will enable you to make the best of your situation. When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade right? Absolutely.


Poor emotional health can lead to damage to your physical health. Have you ever seen a person and thought to yourself, “She MUST be going through something!” This person can be well-dressed, smelling good and even seem to have everything, yet we can always tell if deep inside a person isn’t truly happy. Our body carries energy that speaks louder than designer brands and luxurious threads. A person carrying negative energy can be felt once they walk into the room! You don’t want to be that person. If you can visually see and feel stress on another person, you must be able to identify it within yourself.


What are some signs of emotional distress?

– Acting or lashing out

– Depression or extreme sadness

– Social withdrawal

– Stress

– Anxiety

– Anger

– Bodily dysfunction (constipation, headaches, hair loss, infections/sudden illness, spontaneous weight loss or gain, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction)

– Physical violence to yourself or others


One of the first symptoms of emotional distress is detachment and depression. If you have watched yourself slowly fade away from friends, work, school and family, you may need to start addressing your issues. Relationship troubles? Family stress? Work overload? Whatever it may be, identify what’s bothering you and then you can begin to turn your life around. Being in control of our emotions is key to managing life and the ups and downs that will inevitably occur.

Suggestions for improving emotional health:

-Plan ahead

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Get directions in advance so you don’t get lost on the way to your first day at a new job. Call ahead to see if the shoes you’ve been checking for are in stock. Giving yourself advanced notice will spare you from unforeseen complications that cause stress and chaos.

-Get social

Human interaction is necessary for survival. We are social creatures. Check out a nearby festival, carnival or shopping center. Sitting at home with babies all day, being on the job with crazy co-workers, family or whomever can be emotionally draining.


Everyone needs “me time”. Taking at least 15 minutes a day to meditate, read, listen to music and write can all be helpful to your emotional health. Our creativity improves with mental stability. Given the opportunity to grow and elevate, our mind can amaze us with its capabilities. Relax and give your mind the opportunity to wander.

-Flex your muscles

If you don’t use it, you lose it and that spans beyond your youthful shape. Studies link emotional health and mental wellness to exercise. Another great reason to get in the 30 minute workout minimum! Walk to the store, take the stairs, get off the bus a few stops early to squeeze in your regiment within a busy schedule.

-Drop a load

Rid yourself of toxic friends and people who are dragging you down. Stop procrastination and turn a new leaf. Cut your hair, buy (or make) a new wardrobe. Do something different that will make you feel good. Everyone is able to have a fresh start and renew their history.

-Improve your nutrition

Eating heavy, fatty, greasy and poorly prepared foods does not make you feel better. Cook a meal of fresh vegetables and plenty of water. The added vitamins and nutrients that good nutrition provides include: mental acuity, concentration, memory and more. Eat more whole fruits and raw vegetables. This meal plan will do you better than a 6 piece nuggets and fries any day.

Emotions are “energy in motion”. Either that energy is going downhill or uphill and its your choice what direction that energy is going to travel. Don’t let it drag you down! Successful people understand the power of the mind and can manipulate that to their advantage. Not every path is paved smoothly; resilience is a characteristic of happy people.

If you still find yourself having trouble getting your mind on track, seeking the guidance of a trusted friend or family member, self-help books or professional help is available. If you have exhausted all of your resources and is looking for a psychologist in your area, try this website:

As a man (or woman) thinketh, so is he (she). The true power of you lies within your mind!


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