Chalk the Town

By Daniele Owens

Old Town Lansing had it’s annual Chalk the Town contest on Saturday where people of all ages and art levels came to put color and personality into the sidewalks of the city.

This event started from the morning to the early afternoon. People were sketching out their drawings and then coloring in their pictures with many colors and hues from both sides of the color spectrum.

Chalk the Town is not something unique to Michigan. It goes on all around the country. It’s a popular event that involves people of the community expressing their artistic personality and putting it on the sidewalks of the city. It is one of Old Town’s more popular events and people came to enjoy the art and everything that Old Town has to offer.

Among the participants competing to win the competition was Maddie Heck, who said that this is her first time participating in the competition.

“I expect to win because I have to. This is what I am doing: I’m winning,” said Heck.

She said she was drawing a picture of a father and son walking down the street. It had a cartoon-like feel. Saturday was her first experience being apart of the contest. She usually draws cartoon portraits.

Ten-year-old participant Isabella Zoglio drew a chalk drawing of the sea.

“I did it to have fun and I kind of want to win,” said Zoglio. “My sister did it last year and won third place.”

She said she drew many creatures such as jellyfish, fish, a blue-ringed octopus and a seahorse.

“She came up with the idea and drew the whole thing by herself,” said David Zoglio, her father. “I’m very proud of her.”


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