New Artist Kristian DeLayne: A New Soul Star

By Daniele Owens

Kristian DeLayne is the quiet storm taking over the music scene. Her passion for music and her love for life are apparent in all of the work that she does.

As a writer, singer, and now producer, Kristian DeLayne has been working diligently to prepare for her upcoming showcase, where she will singing her debut single “Run to You,” at the Detroit Artist Village, July 30, 2011.

“I have been at rehearsals and getting my flyers ready,” said DeLayne. “I’m singing a couple songs that will be on my upcoming album, which I plan to be done by the end of the year.”

This will be her first time performing by herself.

“It’s scary and exciting,” she said.

She began her career as a musician during college while studying business administration at Eastern Michigan University, though her passion for music came into her life through church.

“I always liked music. I was in the middle school choir and played the saxophone. In high school, I was more into basketball than music.”

Then when she went to college, music found its way back into her life.

“I listened to an instrumental and starting writing from that moment.”

Her influences include Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Amerie, and Brandy.

“I remember watching Justin Timberlake perform live, it made me want to perform.  And seeing Usher made me want to do music even more.”

If Kristian DeLayne had the opportunity to go on tour with anyone, it would be Jill Scott.

“She is my favorite vocalist and performer hands down. I watched her DVD “Live in Paris” and it was amazing. She does no dancing. She just sings and her band is on point. Everything about her music… I just love it!  And being on tour with her would make me a better artist overall.”

As a new artist she shows great confidence in her writing and music. She described her music in five words as, Love, Positive, Inspiring, Real and Truth. She says everything is from her own experiences or from the experiences those around her.

“Everything is realistic and it has to be real to me.”

Kristian DeLaynes’ music is real and in turn, so is she. She doesn’t want people to put her on a pedestal like most artists are.

“I’m human, I’m a Christian, I have flaws and faults, but I’m still Kris.”

Kristian DeLayne says she is not a talkative person but that doesn’t make her shy. “I don’t feel like it’s always necessary to talk. I’m quiet but when I do speak, people listen. I just speak when I need to.”

With all of her hopes and dreams, DeLayne has no idea where she will be in the next 10 years.

“I do know that I hope to be married with kids. As for my career in music, if everything works out, I will be touring. If that doesn’t happen, I won’t stop singing. I know I want to teach music. I could do producing and help someone else get into the music industry.”

She also wants to have community service projects, such as helping a school or a being an outlet for service if a house has burned down.

“I am a huge believer that you have to show love to receive love and compassion back.”

Kristian DeLayne has a long journey ahead of her and with her determination and talent she hopes to accomplish all of her goals, but for now she has a lot of people to thank for helping her thus far.

“I’d like to thank Miya Jones a freelance photographer. Keith Benford, who is my manager and producer all in one, Treasurer Smith, who helps me write and assisted with my first photo-shoot, Brandy Davis, my makeup artist,  and Denitra Townsend, working as my stylist. For the showcase, thanks for everybody who is helping me out, my background singers and band. Finally, I thank my family for supporting me.”

You can find more information on Ms Kristian DeLayne these social networks:



  1. Kristian is my dearest friend and I am extremely proud of her! Her determination is crazy and she never stops til she reaches her goal. She is highly intelligent and ambitious as well. Her music has matured in so many ways and I can’t wait to see how far God takes her!

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