The Spartan Bucket List

Top Ten: The Spartan Bucket List

By Devyne Lloyd

Welcome back Spartans! Hope you had a wonderful summer, but now it’s time to get back to work. We have a wonderful campus here in East Lansing, and there are a number of things you should aim to accomplish before you graduate and get out into the real world. Here are our top ten picks:

10. Join a Student Organization: There are literally hundreds of registered student organizations (RSOs) on campus; there’s no excuse for you not to join. From serious organizations, such as the Bio-Chemical Engineering and the National Association of Black Accountants, to sillier clubs, like the Cookie Club and the Underwater Hockey Team, not to mention a plethora of fraternities and sororities, there is an organization somewhere on campus that fits your interests.

9. Paint the Rock It’s a time-tested tradition of painting The Rock to let all of campus know your message. Located next to the Auditorium, the central location guarantees eye time for whatever you feel needs to be said. The only rules are to get there early, bring your own paint, and camp out to protect your message. If left unattended during the night, other people painting over your mural are completely justified.

8. Welcome Week (Or What’s Left of It) Yes, we used to get a whole week, and now we only get three days. It’s okay; you should still go out and enjoy it! So much happens in those few days, no one should be sitting around at home. From Moonlight Madness at Meijer to Sparticipation at Munn Field and the One Book, One Community Convocation, there are three days jam-packed with activities for you to enjoy. There’s also mad partying, which brings us to…

7. Attend a Bar Crawl That’s right. Get your customized T-shirts distinguishing you from the other drunks and let’s get sloppy. Whether you’re going out with your organization, your job, or the people from your floor, it’s nearly impossible to escape. Even if you don’t drink, go out and enjoy the time with your friends; what you remember of it will be one of the best times in college.

6. Sit in the Front Row of at Least One Class It couldn’t all be fun and games, now could it? Sitting in the front row decreases the likelihood of you doing something stupid during class and forces the professor to look at you every so often. If you sit in the front all the time AND participate, chances are your professor will like you a bit more and may even give your grade a little boost.

5. Go to Office Hours Five and six are not only interchangeable, but go hand-in-hand. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to go to office hours. Professors, believe it or not, are people, too. They love talking to students, so make it a point to get to know your professors. Don’t wait until your failing the class, either; the first day of class you should be waltzing to the front of the class to introduce yourself.

4. Attend a Sporting Event Did you know Michigan State is the only school in the country with multiple national championships in football, basketball and hockey? Despite the horrific new Big 10 logo and the presence of that community college in that city that we don’t talk about, we’re still pretty darn good at what we do. From tailgating to standing for the entire game in the student section, we root for our teams in every way possible. It doesn’t need to be a big sport, either. Some of the more obscure sports, like women’s basketball, women’s field hockey, soccer, and golf all have phenomenal teams. So learn the fight song, and go claim a victory for MSU!

3. Do an Internship What’s the purpose of going to college? To get prepared for your career. What do employers look for? Real-world experience. How do you get real-world experience AND college credit? Do an internship! There are recruiters coming to MSU all the time just looking for students to join both pain and unpaid internships. Many interns get job offers at the end and some even have a career waiting for them after they graduate. It looks great on your resume, and some programs even require you to do at least one, internship to graduate. So do yourself a favor and kick-start your future.

2. Give Back to the Community There are all sorts of community projects going on both on and off campus, from RecycleMania to Alternative Spring Break to the service projects of fraternities and sororities. Take your bottles to the recycle center, donate school supplies for impoverished children, tutor someone at the Writing Center, and buy from the Farmer’s Market. It’s your duty to help others who may not have the opportunities afforded to you.

And last, but certainly not least…

1. SPARTY ON!!! Yes, we came here to conquer, to get and education and to succeed. But there’s no reason we can’t do it with style, right? Hit the books, get that 4.0, and then hit the streets and take a load off. Go Green, Go White and SPARTY ON!!!


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