High Score Provides Platform for Local Artists

By Devyne Lloyd

                  Despite the pouring rain and frigid cold, local rap group High Royalty hit the stage this past Friday. The concert, featuring artists Zel La Flare, Mauri Tauri, and JYoung of the BLAT! Pack, was held at Scene Metrospace located on Charles Street in the heart of Downtown East Lansing.

High Royalty, a combination of rap groups Skigh High and Royalty Entertainment, features artists such as Lyricz, Johnny cage, D. Rice, J. Fin, Krack Diesel and Indefinte. Nitty Gritty Committee, also referred to as NGC, is comprised of Young Slapz and M. Dizz, who also performed.

Just like any other performers, these artists had something unique to catch the eyes of the audience; they all wore beaded cartoon character chains.

“We want to be different. It’s just us,” said Young Slapz.

When asked why Skigh High and Royalty Entertainment became a duo, Slapz said it was to broaden their horizons.

“It’s hard, but we’re trying to get exposure,” said Slapz.

In an effort to get the word out about this concert, High Royalty performed at several fraternity houses on Michigan State’s campus the week before. Lambda Chi, Sigma Epsilon and Delta Chi are a few of the fraternities that opened their doors for the group to perform and, the audience loved it so much, High Royalty plans to do it again in the near future.

In addition to bringing their own music, High Royalty plans to bring other artists like Dusty McFly and Travis Porter to campus.

“We’re just getting started and I expect everyone to have a good time,” said Slapz.


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