Making Millions Without a Diploma!

By Shanacee Shreve

Students Larry Turnbow and Jeffrey Jones, along with many others, have recently discovered a way to make thousands of dollars a month by simply having a successful sales effort and leadership skills.

These young men are apart of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, or FHTM.

FHTM is a network marketing company that prospers from building a company of individuals.

“[FHTM is] a multi-million dollar networking company that gives people the opportunity to build their own businesses by marketing FHTM’s diverse line up of outstanding products and services,” said Jeffrey Jones, a junior at MSU.  “These services include products from Apple, Dish, and Allstate.”

No experience is required and anyone who is at least 18 years old can participate for a fee of $200 that goes toward building a website, ordering products and starting your company.  As far as hours go, Jones says you can work in your spare time.

“There are students here on campus who are living proof, it can be done,” said junior Larry Turnbow.

One student, who asked not to be named, said they worked with FHTM before a lot of other students caught on.  When asked why the student quit the company, they said FHTM seemed like a scam and could make people they market to skeptical and uneasy.

But students like Turnbow are still optimistic about their involvement with FHTM.

“This is nothing short of an opportunity for students to make a lot of money while they are in school. Why wait?” said Turnbow.

If you are interested in FHTM please contact Jeffrey Jones 313-445-2909 or Larry Turnbow 313-759-6073.


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