Students continue to show zero tolerance for racism

Michigan State University students gathered on campus Thursday afternoon in an effort to encourage administration to implement stronger policies concerning racism.

The Black Student Alliance organized a silent protest, which comes on the heels of an emergency town hall meeting held Tuesday night aimed at addressing recent acts of racial intimidation on campus.

Each student that participated was strategically assigned to a specific location where they stood silently with a picket sign and photos of the most recent acts of racism. The protest locations included Holden Hall, Brody Complex, Snyder Hall, Landon Hall, and Hubbard Hall.
Members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. also organized a campus-wide march that is cohesive with BSA’s initiative. The march will begin in Brody complex at 5pm and continue throughout campus, hitting each silent-protester location. Both organizations hope the turnout will be significantly larger than that of the town hall meeting.

MSU students are sending their message far beyond campus, receiving coverage from The Detroit News, NBC, and

There has not been a nationally recognized, radical display of student activism at MSU since the 1989 sit-in, in which African American students sat in the Hannah Administration Building to protest conditions on campus.

The BSA hopes to spread awareness and maintain a sense of urgency in students with the protest.

By Antonice Strickland


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