Kicking it with Rapper Mac Miller

For those of you who are unfamiliar with college-aged hip-hoppers or young rappers in general, the Mac Miller concert held in October was a great place to get exposed to some of the newest and hottest young rappers in the industry.

Yes, you’re not exactly in love with the idea of yet another, once underground, now mainstream artist for today’s youth, but here are three simple reasons why everyone should listen to Mac Miller.

Reason one: He is relatable. During his concert in the Fairchild Auditorium at Michigan State University, it felt as if you were watching one of your long-time friends, who just happened to make it big. He joked with the enormous crowd and at one point he brought out a guitar to have a sing-along with the audience. He played to songs like “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind and “Wonder Wall” by Oasis, suggesting afterwards that they(audience) all go on tour with him and form one giant band.

His stage presence, familiar hype-men, and even DJ combined to make those in the audience who did not know him and his team personally feels as if they had in fact known them for years. He (Mac Miller) draws you in with his open excitement about becoming a celebrity and holding spots on the billboard charts above powerhouses like Coldplay and Adele. Mac Miller is that goofy kid cracking everyone up in class. He is that cool kid many wished they were friends with and that guy who had the ability to make you feel like you were the only important person in the world whenever you talked to him. Mac Miller is someone we all can know and love.

Reason two: The unexpected “swag” factor. For some, Mac Miller’s remarkable charisma along with his enthralling lyrics may come as a shocking surprise when one initially sees him. The Philadelphia native has swag so untouchable, so unnaturally energetic that it’s impossible to ignore. He has the demeanor of someone who has been in the industry for years. He is confident and sure of what he wants, which is to become a successfully grounded artist unwilling to lose his foundation and sell out to an insensitive recording label…With that, he also knows exactly what he does not want, which is to let his following believe for a second that they are not the single-most driving force behind why he has grown into an overnight sensation. His self-assured songs depicting his daily excursions with his closest friends and his openness with his audiences at shows only demonstrates how eager he is to make a connection with whoever is real and willing. During the concert, he opened up about how his grandfather who was the reason he strongly pursued music in the way he did and shared his belief that without his grandfather, he would never have been where he is today. During that reflection, he asked everyone to take a moment to allow him to perform a number he had written for his personal motivation and they did respectfully. How many artists can throw that out there so boldly asking nothing other than to take time to see things from his point of view?

Reason three: Pure untouched college-aged hype. As the concert came to a close, it became apparent that the audience had not nearly had enough. We had been introduced, courted, and become close to this enigma of the breezy 19-year-old kid who only cared about what made him the happiest. The show must go on. Immediately after exciting the stage the crowd went crazy, demanding their favorite singles be performed, particularly “Donald Trump,” the anthem of all hype songs. And that’s exactly what he understood. As he sprinted back into sight just in time for the most adrenaline-pumped lyrics, it was as if everyone was close enough to see the glimmer of passion in his now bloodshot eyes. It was a feeling comparable to only the most honest college experiences. It was the last few minutes of a tied up, winner-takes-all MSU football game. It was the minute you realize you’ve aced an exam you were sure you had failed. It was the best feeling.


By Chelsea Saleeby



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