Atlanta housewives losing their juice?

Sadly, last weekend was the premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, season five.

Although the season has kicked off with a huge BAM! I must admit that I am so unmoved by this show and seriously, anticipating it to be cancelled.

Let me explain why…first off, if NeNe wasn’t on the show, no one would watch it! Let’s be real, she keeps the drama going and if there is no drama, she’s guaranteed to start some. That’s why we continue to tune in every week. Not because of the other ladies on the show, but because we know NeNe is sure set it off with at least one of her cast mates.

Second, this seasons story lines and plots are boring and uninteresting. I could care less about Phaedra opening a funeral home; however, I did find it comical that she felt it necessary to shout out the “sinners” during her great-aunt’s funeral. How hypocritical when she lied about fornicating and getting pregnant out of wedlock just last season?!

I must say the longer Cynthia is on T.V., the dumber she looks. Seriously, I wish that she would pull her head out of NeNe’s a** and have one original thought this season. Just one….that’s all I’m asking.

Kandi’s new sex toy line is cute, but that’s not going to keep us talking all season. Shereé and her situation is sad and I hope that her ex-husband finally realize that he needs to be a part of his children’s life.

You all know I can’t stand Kim! I think she is a poor role model for her children, she is dumb as hell, and she just happened to sleep with the right wallet to get to where she is now…

Although Bravo has not announced it, I truly believe this will be the last season, unless there are some additions made to the cast. Kandi is getting a spin-off tastefully called “The Kandi Factory,” a show in which she will find undiscovered talent in Atlanta. Kim is also getting a spin-off show that will document her life and marriage with her fiancé Kroy and their new baby.

All in all, I am not sure what to expect from this season, but I sure hope that it is not another one filled with NeNe and her crazy arguments and antics! They tend to be juicy for the first couple of minutes, but then it gets really exhausting as a viewer.

Bravo please step your game up…

Yours truly,



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