As you all know, I am the absolute biggest Stan (stalker-fan) for Beyonce´ but who isn’t a fan these days? I know thugs who jam to Freakum Dress and Get Me Bodied every now and then, but that’s beside the point. As I was saying, I’m a huge fan of Beyonce´ so I spend much of my time scouring the World Wide Web for details on everyone’s favorite pop star.
Recently, I came across an article in the Huffington Post entitled “Blue Ivy Strain Marijuana Sprouting Up In LA Weed Shops”…hold the {bleep-bleeping} phone. If you haven’t been living in a third-world country – and chances are, you haven’t – then you know that my girl Bey gave birth to her daughter in early January and gave the little munchkin the moniker “Blue Ivy.” Mr. and Mrs. Carter had arguably the highest profile pregnancy and birth since…dare I say it? This is my article, so whatever…since the birth of Jesus Christ. Knowing this information, one cannot just believe everything you read. I’ve read stories accusing them of all types of scandalous things – but this story is posted from a very reputable source and in my opinion, newsworthy.

Beyonce holding newborn Blue Ivy
Courtesy of helloblueivycarter.tumbrlr.com

The Huffington Post article goes on to say that a medical marijuana dispensary in Rosamond, CA promoted a new strain called “Ivy Blue OG” via Twitter just days after the birth of Jay and Bey’s firstborn. Obviously, the celebrity couple did not sign off on the use of “Blue Ivy” for the weed strain but they have not taken any legal action against the dispensary and only recently moved to trademark the name.
In further Beyonce’ news, Mrs. Carter came out in support of Mr. Carter’s charity concert held at Carnegie Hall to benefit the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. Rocking a flaming red Alice Temperly dress – which was snug enough to show off her post-baby curves – Ofira and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, Alexander McQueen clutch and glimmering Louboutin heels. Quite simply, Bey blew my mind.
I absolutely loved her outfit and Bey’s current figure (she’s thicker than the proverbial Snicker)– could turn a gay boy straight. However, keep my “stan” status in mind – I wonder what her stage presence will be like when she takes to the stage again. Of course Beyonce´ will get back in shape, she’s never been one to let her body go but will she be able to perform with the same fervor she always has now that she has given birth? I pray for a positive comeback but only time will tell.

Now to wrap this article up, on Friday, February 10th, I received a text message from a fellow Beyonce´ “Stan” as I pumped across campus to an appointment and nearly walked into oncoming traffic when I read it. Mr. and Mrs. Carter had released photos of Blue Ivy! After keeping mum about her pregnancy until her 4th month, covering up her belly throughout gestation and being a rather private person in general, it was rather surprising to discover.
Reportedly, the couple was offered $14 million dollars for the first photos of their little girl (which isn’t unheard of for celebrity baby pictures) but turned the money down, opting instead to release intimate pictures via a Tumblr page created just for baby Blue. Entitled “helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com,” the website has just five photos of the baby and it’s reported that the family will be regularly updating the website with new pictures. In my opinion, Blue Ivy is super-cute (it seems as though Beyonce´ got pregnant by Beyonce´ and birthed a clone) and I cannot wait for future photos! As for all the whispered controversy involving the pregnancy and birth, I’m just going to ignore it. The public will never know anything about it except what we’re told anyway so why trip? Besides it’s Beyonce´, you all will still love her at the end of the day.

By Aidan Clark

VM Gossip


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