On the Menu: No Thai!

On my latest journey to find new foods in the East Lansing area, I noticed a relatively new restaurant. The name of it is No Thai!

Now some may be wondering, what is No Thai!? So they don’t sell Thai!? I was curious as well, so I decided to head there to try it. No Thai! is a restaurant conveniently located on Grand River near Abbot Road.  Walking inside, you can already smell the food they’re cooking. The atmosphere is very cozy and people were inside laughing and talking with friends. Upon sitting at one of their nice black tables, I noticed there was a huge menu by the register. While glancing over the menu, I saw the story of how “No Thai!” got started.

In summary, four friends decided that they would open a modern Thai restaurant in their community. The head chef’s name is Noerung “No” Hang, and this is why the restaurant is named No Thai! The friends thought the name would bring about a little confusion and also intrigue people; it definitely did. They have a pretty simple menu. There are pasta, rice, and vegetable dishes to choose from and you choose which protein you would like added: chicken, beef, tofu, or shrimp. I ordered the Sweet and Spicy Chicken. The prices are somewhat high compared to other places, but it is worth it. The dishes range between $7 and $11. My food was very good and there was a good amount of food served. The chicken was lightly fried and covered with a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. Not only was the food great, but the customer service was as well. They are willing to answer your questions and make sure your food is correct and cooked in a good amount of time. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone that loves stir fry or just wants to try a new restaurant that offers a modern twist on Thai food.

By  Mine’ Perry
VM Food Critic

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