Time to “Sparticipate!”

This year, Michigan State University accepted its largest freshmen class ever.  Being a new student at a school with thousands of people can be very overwhelming, and sometimes intimidating. Many new students ask questions regarding how to make new friends, or where to join an organization. Luckily, on August 28th, these questions were no longer an issue and “Sparticipation” was in full effect.

With cafeterias closed early, new and returning students were encouraged to attend the Spartan Spectacular from 5-8pm at Munn Field. Kicking off the event with a Welcome Cookout, students used their meal plans to eat dinner prepared by MSU’s own EAT AT STATE. With the grills going and the smell of burgers and hotdogs in the air, it was a great day for a barbeque. Even the needs of vegetarians were met with individual tents that prepared dinner for students who weren’t too fond of meat.

Along with food, students were given the opportunity to attend the student involvement fair, where they could learn about and join some of the hundreds of registered student organizations that MSU has to offer. Whether a student was interested in breaking it down on the dance floor with the MSU Break Dance Club, or stabbing a new-found friend in the MSU Fencing Club, the Spartan Spectacular housed a variety of diverse groups that attracted a number of different students. Students were able to network with each other and organizations were able to recruit new members.

Immediately following dinner, students were provided with entertainment from the MSU Marching Band and MSU Gospel Choir, as well as many other talented acts. The night ended with a dazzling fireworks display that could be seen as far as the east side of campus. Munn Field became a host to more than a thousand MSU students, fed the appetites of hundreds of people, provided a place for each student to fit in through the various organizations, and introduced the incoming freshmen to many amazing opportunities that come with being a Spartan at Michigan State University.

–Micayla Cummings


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