Herman Cain Speaks on the Importance of Voting to MSU on “College Truth Tour”

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain spoke of the importance of voting on his stop at MichiganStateUniversity for the “College Truth Tour” on Wednesday, September 26. At the non-partisan event, Cain encouraged the students to vote by providing them with three truths that they should always remember when it comes to being successful.
Truth #1: “This economy is not growing. Half of the graduates won’t find jobs.”
Cain said the economy will stop youth from achieving their dreams. He told the young people their vote was important, and urged the crowd to vote regardless of political stance or party.
Truth #2: “Success is a zig-zag, not a straight line.”
Cain referenced his life experiences and how his road to success was not what he expected. Growing up as a child whose family struggled financially, Cain only wanted to be the Vice President of something. He became a success in a number of careers, including talk-radio and politics. After dropping out of the presidential race, Cain plans to return to radio, where he will host his own show and focus on his internet television network, Caintv.com.
“I want to be a voice to continue to help people hear the truth,” said Cain.
Truth #3: “Goals are stepping-stones to your dreams.”

He explains to the students that if they want to change the nation and achieve their dreams, they must do it the old-fashioned way and work for it. Following Cain’s speech, students had an opportunity to ask questions and take pictures with him. His most said quote was, “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Vote 2012.

–Micayla Cummings


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  1. Yeah it is true to say that the attitude, and the aptitude to lead our country to greatness once again, and that man is Herman Cain. So that Herman Cain speaks on the Importance of Voting to MSU on “College Truth Tour”. Thnaks for nice post.

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