A Quick Play-By-Play of Super Bowl XLVII

There was not a dull moment in the history making Super Bowl on Sunday the 3rd. The Baltimore Ravens were up against the San Francisco 49ers and the tension between the opposing coaches, the Harbaugh brothers, could have been cut with a knife. Alicia Keys knocked out the National Anthem, Beyoncé preformed during the half-time show and reunited with Destiny’s Child, a power outage in half of the New Orleans stadium occurred and Jacoby Jones’ touchdown for the Baltimore Ravens became legendary. It was a night that went down in sports and entertainment history.

The first half of the game made each Baltimore fan feel comfortable that the Ravens had the game in the bag. They were up 21 to 6 and gamblers were giving up on the 49ers.

After the stunning performance made by Beyoncé and her fellow Destiny’s Child back-up, the game was back in action. Disaster struck a few minutes into the second half, however, when the power suddenly went out in over half of the stadium. Needless to say, someone got fired. Thirty minutes of bored fans and players trying to keep their momentum up consumed televisions everywhere until the lights were finally fixed and the game was back in action.

The game really started to pick up after Jacoby Jones’ catch of the 49ers kickoff. He became the first player with a touchdown reception and kickoff return for a touchdown in the history of the Super Bowl. His 108 yard run in under 11 seconds will be an unforgettable moment.

An interesting turn of fate occurred, though. The 49ers were catching up to the Ravens! Fans adjusted themselves from the comfortable and content position of their seats to the edge, as if the simple five inches closer to the field or the television helped the outcome of the game.

The 49ers had finally reached a steep 31 points; just three points behind the Ravens. Lucky jerseys, rituals, reclining chairs and charms were put to the test. They couldn’t hold on, though. The clock finally ran out and another Super Bowl had come to an end. Millions of dollars were gained and lost at that moment in gambles made across the country.The Ravens’ linebacker, Ray Lewis, ended his seventeen season career with a bang. The Harbaugh parents awkwardly congratulated both of their sons, fans in the stadium took one last look at the history they were a part of and viewers at home turned off their television.

–Hannah Weaver


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