The Valentine’s Day Slump

There is nothing like big red hearts, couples holding hands, the smell of chocolate and roses and “chick-flick” reruns playing on television all day long, that is, if you’re in a relationship of course. If you are one of the many people out there that won’t have a Valentine on the 14th of February, then you may do what I do and convince yourself that hearts are dumb because they aren’t even drawn anatomically correct, holding hands transports germs and disease, chocolate rots teeth and promotes diabetes and obesity, and roses wreak havoc on your allergies.
On any other day of the year, you love your single life. There is no need to get dressed up all of the time or even put on deodorant, you are allowed to flirt with whomever, and you’re never cheated on. There is something about Valentine’s Day, however, that makes everyone insecure and even forget that having it all doesn’t have to include a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
One way to keep away from the Valentine’s Day slump is to keep busy. Do you have a paper due in a couple of weeks? Finish it now so you won’t be stressed in the future or think about every flaw you possess that may be the reason as to why you are single.
Do you hate being lonely on this dreaded Hallmark holiday? Throw a party! Surround yourself with other singles looking to be loved and you won’t be stuck in your dorm or apartment thinking about what went wrong in your last relationship.
Another technique is to fully embrace the day, head on. Don’t let Valentine’s Day conquer you, conquer Valentine’s Day! Pass out candy to all of your friends, leave a kind note for a stranger, pass out candy, or call your mom. Be a Jolly Jenny instead of a Debbie Downer.
Whether you are single or in a relationship on the 14th of February, just remember to try your best to stay positive and keep in the back of your mind that days only have 24 hours. All of the mayhem will be over before you know it.
–Hannah Weaver

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