Confessions of a Spartan Alumna

I did it, y’all. Four years and $31,000 in debt, and I have a piece of paper that says I’m qualified to do… things. And I had a great time: MSU is an absolute blast! I met great people and did great things. But now that I have my diploma, a nagging question looms over my head: was it worth it?

I did many things during my college career, including charter an organization, co-author two books, do internships and be managing editor of a magazine, all while holding down a 20 hour (sometimes more)  a week job. I was on the grind, day in and day out. You know what I do now? Scrub toilets. All the hard work, all the tears, all the clips & credentials… to spray bathrooms and empty tampon boxes.

I’m not complaining; I have several friends with way more experience than me who don’t even have the luxury to scrub toilets. And I freelance for a public relations firm on the side, which pertains to my degree. My bills are (kind of) paid, but at what cost? My dignity? My livelihood? My firstborn to cover my student loan debt?

Throughout this year, I’m going to give you all the advice I wish someone gave me, so you won’t make the mistakes I did. We must lift as we climb and although I may not have gotten very far up, it doesn’t mean you can’t still come with me. Get back to your studies, but come back next issue; we’re going to be here for a while.

-Devyne Lloyd


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