Music Review: Chance the Rapper

ChancetheRapper2If you like Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar, you’re going to love XXL Magazine’s 2013 Freshman Chance the

Rapper. The Chicago native entered the rap scene with his mix tape 10 Days, which was produced in

the ten days he was suspended from school. The laidback, personal mix tape helped him gain exposure

with over 50,000 downloads. After the success of his debut, he released Acid Rap, featuring popular

songs such as “Juice” and “Cocoa Butter Kisses.” My favorite songs are “Pusha Man,” with the mix of

old school beats. I also enjoyed “Favorite Song” featuring Childish Gambino, as it is a more upbeat, gets-
stuck-in-your-head type of song. Although there’s a couple of songs that didn’t keep my attention very

long, such as “Smoke Again” and “NaNa” which have very similar and uninteresting beats, the rest of the

album is something I can keep on replay.


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