What is “Multicultural”?

What is multicultural?

There is a strong sense of community here at Michigan State University. When students leave their parent’s nest to discover who they are, MSU’s campus welcomes them with open arms. There are many landmarks that first grab your attention such as the Union and Red Cedar River, but there is something else that might catch your eye. The amount of cultural diversity here on campus is astounding.

Being a student at Michigan State University, you come to identify with the word “multicultural”. Even though there are many ethnicities present on campus, everyone seems to come together to form our Spartan family. What is multicultural you ask? To answer that question plainly, it allows people to distinguish between cultural and religious diversity.

The student population comes from all 50 states and 180 other countries. Over 48,000 students come to Michigan State University to seek out a better education. Myself along with Voice Magazine would like to see what multicultural means to the students that make up MSU. Over the next couple of weeks I will interview students about their thoughts on the ideal of multiculturalism. It will be exciting and enlightening to see the different observations of our Spartan family.

–Kiyerra Lake


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