Confessions of a Spartan Alumna: Work on Campus

Let’s talk dollars and cents: Basically, it pays to work in college. Students who work have better time management skills, and students who fund their own education have better grades. And it is nice to have extra money for emergencies and the occasional extracurricular activity (being 21 will break your pockets).

I worked on campus my entire college career; three years at Concessions, four summers and one school year at West Circle Facilities. Did I hate my job? Sometimes. I’ve been cursed out over hot dogs, heckled about ketchup, pulled hairballs the size of dinner plates out the showers and taken out trash so gross I wanted to vomit. But I value my financial independence. I do what I want, when I want, without my parents threatening to shut off this or stop paying that.

Some of you reading this believe you’re above manual labor. Let me be the first to say that you’re not. I am strongly of the opinion that everyone should have at least one crappy job in their lifetime. It builds character and teaches you how to not be a terrible person. But that’s a different article.

The best part of working on campus is there are rules to keep them from treating employees like Hebrew slaves. There are always opportunities for advancement, and once you’re hired it’s not at all difficult to take your talents and pay rate to another division. Michigan State even has jobs only for people with work study. And there’s a job for everyone. Like to stay up all night? Be a night receptionist. Are you perky and love helping people? Work the front desk. Enjoy lifting furniture & painting walls? Work facilities.

The best part is all the cool people at work with you. For all you know, your future best friend or spouse is right there and you just don’t know it yet. And there are few functions hyper than a work party; I’ve thrown multiple events for my work friends and we have a blast every time.

In conclusion, get off of Instagram and get a job. The least you can do is get paid.

–Devyne Lloyd


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