Music Review: Drake’s Nothing Was the Same

Drake Nothing was the Same

Drake is back at it again.

Get ready to be in your feelings this fall with his new album, Nothing Was The Same.  Drake is always progressing, with a more mature, deeper sound while still giving that blast-it-through-the-car-stereo vibe.

 “Furthest Thing” and “Too Much” are my favorites;

“Come Thru” (which stays on repeat on my iPod) is also a great song.These are some of the slower songs that will keep you engaged with great beats and Drake’s famous lyric style.  My other favorite is “All Me” featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean, which will hype you up no matter where you are.  “Tuscan Leather” and “Worst Behavior” are my least favorite, as they didn’t grab my attention.

All in all, Nothing Was The Same is definitely something to check out.

–Cynthia Lee


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