On the Rise: Celebrity Hoops

On the rise Entertainment held a celebrity hoops fest September 28 at Michigan State university. The event raised money to help over 200 hundred families.

The celebrities in attendance were Morris Chestnut, Pooch Hall, Lamman Rucker and Claudia Jordan.

They were joined by former MSU players and went up against MSU’S NPHC fraternity members.

     When asking the crowd who they believed would win, I received some interesting responses.

Kendra Caldwell, sophomore at Michigan State, believed that the greeks would win.

When I asked why, she said, “I just love them!”

     On the other hand, when I asked Angelica Lyndsay, junior at MSU,

she believed that the celebrities would take it all.

Her reason was because

“they had more experience.”

Lyndsay was also interested in seeing Pooch hall, along with a number of people who came out to support.

     Before all the players were introduced, the VIP section, a special set of bleachers for people to sit, came together and formed a tunnel for the players. Once the tunnel was formed, the crowd’s excitement started.

It was a great game to watch, especially since it was for a great cause.

The celebrities held their own going up against the NPHC fraternity members and, in the end, won 66 to 50.

–Kiyerra Lake


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