Q&A: Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan visited MSU on September 28th

Jordan was not able to play along side her celebrity team, but she was happy about how the game turned out. After the celebrities victory, I was able to ask her a couple questions before she was swarmed by fans. Claudia has a wonderful personality and left me and my peers with some words of wisdom. (for the celebrity hoop fest presented by On the Rise)

How do you feel about the celebrities winning?

I asked some of the students

how do you feel about getting your behinds beat by these old ass celebrities?

Besides Pooch, the rest of us are pretty up there in age.

Why weren’t you out there helping the guys?

I was supposed to play, but they did not have my clothes for me. I had my sneakers, I’m ready

to go!

I feel like we would have won by 20 If I would have played.

No, I’m really horrible at basketball though.

What compelled you into to coming to East Lansing today?

I’m out here really really trying to support black women being classy and supportive of one


We have enough ratchets fighting and I think its time for us to come together.

–Kiyerra Lake


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