Confessions of a Spartan Alumna: Use Your Meal Plan

Hello again; it’s been a while. How were the midterms?

I hope you’re having a pleasant semester and aren’t slacking off too hard.

There are many benefits to living on campus. Bus service, campus activities and being able to

leave the lights on without worry are pretty grand. The best part of living on campus, however, is the

meal plan. While the most basic plan won’t give you fancy things like Sparty cash and guest passes, you

get what averages out to 100 meals a week and a combo-x-change on the weekdays.

You need to take advantage of this.

Fun fact: your meal plan costs more than your dorm room.

For that kind of money, you should be eating in the cafeteria whenever possible. The most common

excuse I hear is “There’s nothing good in the caf.” That is a lie; with 11 cafeterias, 21 Sparty’s stores and

three restaurants in the Union, there a plenty of options to suit every dietary need.

Whether you’re kosher, vegan, gluten free or just a high-maintenance picky eater, I’m sure

there’s something out there for you.

South Pointe in Case has a station dedicated to Michigan cuisine, Brody Square has a vegetarian/

vegan station, and the Gallery at Snyder-Phillips has amazing salmon.

And the cafeterias are open from 7 a.m. to midnight. If you want to order a late night snack

after the caf closes, go for it. But someone paid for that plan and it would be a crying shame to not use


Once you move into a house or apartment, consider buying an off-campus meal plan,

especially since many of you would burn down the house trying to boil water.

Contrary to popular belief, one cannot live

off of ramen alone; you’ll die from high blood pressure. As much as I enjoy

cooking for myself, I miss my meal plan; groceries are expensive.

–Devyne Lloyd


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