Spartan Alumna Confessions: Can Slader Bridge the Gap from High School to College?

While there is a wide gap between the level of high school and college courses, one element

between them remains the same:

students use of technology in and out of the classroom.

We are living in an age where technology drives our daily lives. From apps that help us maintain

our diets to apps that keep us connected, it seems as if every day we have something new to

download and keep our thumbs busy. In the midst of this tech overload, every now and then a

product pops up that just might change the way people interact.

We saw it with Twitter, Facebook, and now a company called Slader. While Slader won’t be the

next Facebook or Twitter, it certainly looks to be a promising way for high school students to

collaborate and study. According to its website, Slader creates an academic community run by

students, for students. Users view and share their answers and work for textbooks and can even

post homework assignments.

As college students, we take online courses, which stipulate a need for online collaboration.

However, can Slader’s product help bridge the gap? Will it prepare high school students for

college by introducing them to the concept of sharing and collaborating online in an educational


While I feel that a large number of high school students won’t make the effort to utilize Slader to

its full potential the percent that will, would begin to bridge the gap.

After reflecting on my years at State and thinking back to my transition from a senior in high

school to a college freshman, I see the gap getting smaller.

Thanks in part to technology, which

not only drives our daily lives but also helps shapes whom we are becoming.

–Devyne Lloyd


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