Confessions of a Spartan Alumna: Have Some Pep

                I have lots of school pride.

For the amount of money I paid to attend this fine institution, I figured I may as well support it. I watch the games, buy the paraphernalia and sing about the other team being weak. I even started a “Go Green, Go White!” chant at my graduation, which was an awesome feeling, and purchased the gaudiest of class rings to shove in people’s faces when they ask where I matriculated.

We all have that one friend who is a Walmart wolverine. They probably go somewhere like LCC or OCC, have never set foot in that city or have any family members who went to that community college down the road, but will yell that awful phrase whenever possible and talk about how “great” their pansy football team is. I had a coworker several years ago who attended MSU, but was really a Walmart fan in Spartan armor.



What a jerk.

If you’re going to attend an institution, be a fan of said institution: the only thing worse than a Walmart wolverine is a closet fan. Don’t come to MSU and cheer for U of M or even worse, Ohio State. Participate in school activities: you don’t need to buy season tickets, but watch at least one game on the television.

And EVERY green-blooded Spartan should be decked out in State gear during homecoming weekend; it is your duty.

You must also share your spirit with others. The Christmas of my freshman year, everyone in my family received State-themed presents. From “MSU Grandparent” mugs to State hats down to Sparty socks, my family knew exactly what institution held their allegiance. And while this may seem very expensive, there’s always a sale going on somewhere.

Fun fact: the spirit shop in the Union offers a 20% discount Fridays & Saturdays of home football games.

I have a 4 month old goddaughter who is the love of my life and admittedly very spoiled by her godmother. I have bought her a variety of onesies, hats, bottles and even sippy cups, all with Michigan State emblazoned on them. When she gets old enough, I’m going to buy her a Spartan cheerleader outfit with green and white pompoms and little green bows for her hair.  I told her father, who is a Walmart Notre Dame fan, that I will destroy any Fighting Irish garb I see her in because I am a Spartan and we don’t tolerate that kind of nonsense around here.

This is Sparta, baby.

So get out there, buy a $4 Michigan State t-shirt from Spartan corner, scream “Go Green!” until you’re blue in the face and sing the fight song until you weep. A team of proud Spartans, probably including me, will join you in telling the world how downright awesome we are.


I leave you with this:

How many Wolverines does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None; they just sit around and talk about how good the old one was.



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