Top 10 Must Have Essentials



On move-in day, every MSU female must unpack their, “Top 10 Must Have Essentials.” The first four things you will need are shoes: black heels, gym shoes, rain boots and snow boots. Whether you choose to obtain a bus pass, walk, or even ride your bike, it’s critical to own a pair of gym shoes for walking anywhere on campus and even for working out. Every MSU female must bring a pair of black heels for business and party attire. Here at Michigan State, the weather can become very detrimental that you will need both rain and snow boots to survive.
Once you have your shoes lined up, you’ll need to hang up three types of outerwear: leather jacket(easy to grab on the go), blazer (for any interviews or to dress up an outfit)and a long coat (for the winter time). The two bags you want to unpack are: a tote bag and backpack. You can use both for your school supplies (books, binders, laptop, etc.) or you can choose to rotate between the two. The last two accessories you’ll need to take out is an umbrella for when the weather gets bad and your MSU baseball cap. With all ten “MSU Must Have Essentials” put up, you’re officially ready to be a Spartan.

-Starria Coppins


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