Lil Wayne Sorry 4 The Wait 2 Review

500_1421785593_10903603_1427481500877434_801328339_n_92It’s no secret that Cash Money is deep in turmoil right now. With Tyga already unsatisfied and trying to get off the label Lil’ Wayne soon after expressed the same frustrations as Tyga and he also wants off. But Lil’ Wayne did something Tyga didn’t do about the situation. He dropped a mixtape: Sorry For The Wait 2. With that being said a lot was to be expected from the surprise tape and Lil’ Wayne definitely surprised.

The tapes first track “Coco” took aim at CEO and good friend Birdman right off the back. “Birdman Junior more like ugly ducking” wayne spits. From that shot alone it was to be expected Wayne would be sparing no punches, and he didn’t. On the tape Wayne spits on beats ranging from Bobby Shmurda’s “Hott Nigga” (which he killed) all the way down to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love.”

Some of the tracks were lack luster like his rendition of ILovemakonnen’s hit “Tuesday” but others like OG Maco’s “U Guessed It” he showed us why he at one point was the best out. Also on the tape there’s a Drake track called “Used To” where Drake completely steals the show. Oozing confidence on the track Drake shows us why it’s his time right now and Wayne comes in with the cleanup right after. Wayne takes shots at Birdman throughout the tape and finds slick ways to downplay Cash Money and Up Young Money.

Hopefully this holds fans over for the Carter 5, because right now the situation only seems to be getting worse. Sorry For The Wait 2 is a great mixtape but it also shows that Wayne is declining. Since he’s rapping let’s keep enjoying his music, and hope the Carter 5 sees the day of light sometime soon.
-Jequcory Davis


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