Budget Friendly Makeup Supplies

makeup-cosmetics(pp_w458_h304)With almost every girl being obsessed with MAC products, some of us have to save up just to make our next purchase. If you’re a MAC lipstick/lip glass fanatic and you want to branch out into other makeup products, I suggest the well-quality and budget friendly brand Elf.

Elf has their own website (eyeslipsface.com) and can also be found at any Target, Walmart or Meijer. Elf not only carries beauty products pertaining to the eyes, lips and face, but also products for your nails as well. They have broken their products up into three categories: studio, mineral and essential. Because Elf understands that every girl has essentials that they can’t go without (i.e. lipgloss, mascara, foundation, eyebrow comb+brush, etc.). Their products cost around $1 and $2.

Following a girl’s essential needs, Elf has created their studio products, which start at $3 and are no more than $10. The mineral products that Elf sells are more natural so these prices start at around $5 and vary depending on what you’re looking for.

For my makeup gurus and even my beginners, consider looking into Elf. Whether you’re going to buy all of your products from there, or even just to get a few pick-me-ups, Elf has everything you’ll need to complete any look all while being budget friendly.

-Starria C.


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