Brody Black Caucus: “Nothing Personal, Just Business”

The meeting held this night was to educate the African-American population about proper representation during career fairs and interviews within corporate America. As African-Americans we must not only be knowledgable of our career fields but we must also know how to sell ourselves to employers. Something quite prolific in the appeal to all employers is the uniqueness of someone’s elevator pitch. This elevator pitch allows us to elevate our accomplishments while conversing with these employers and giving them minimal information about ourselves but enough to allow them to make judgements on further interaction or not. Not only did we rehearse elevator pitches but we also thoroughly expressed dress, tonality, and language. We noted that it is better to have experience with internships now so that we will not only be more qualified for occupations in our career fields but also to increase our network. It’s not always what you know or who you know, it’s who knows you!

-Norrlyn-Micheal AnthonyB-zdTN9VIAERpUI.jpg-large


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