Earlly Mac’s “God Knows” EP Review

"God Knows" EP Review

Earlly Mac’s latest effort is nothing like you probably would be expecting. When we hear Earlly mac we think upbeat, silly, fun records. His God Knows EP isn’t all like those records. From the opening track “Vacancy” it’s apparent that this isn’t a normal Earlly Mac record and he’s exploring different avenues with his music. Over a smooth piano backdrop a hook is sung about “love not living here no more” and Slum Village member T3 adds bars at the end of the track. The next song Adam and Eve is more of the same formula: singing and minimal rap. The formula really hits its stride on “Naturally” with singer JMSN where Mac ditches rapping altogether. Even though there is no rap on the song JMSN steals the show and makes you forget that its evenEarl’s song “Icepic” isn’t too shabby behind the boards on the track either.

After “Naturally” the EP starts to pick up rapping again with Drey Skonie singing the hook and Prada Leary riding shotgun with a verse. There’s the catchy song “Like Kanye” minus Icewear Vezzo this time and then Earl and Big Sean trades bars over “Do it again” with Sean giving a stellar verse on the song that has now amassed over a million plays on Soundcloud. The next song is probably the most fun with Earl rapping and giving Zag Team member SupaKaine a verse. Earl spits silly lines in the song like “You ain’t plugged in Detroit if you don’t know a Chaldean.” This song “Put In Work” is easily the closest thing to the Earlly mac records we are used to. The last song is a “Do It Again” Remix with the likes of A$AP Ferg, Big Sean and newcomer Reese. All in all I think God Knows is a step in the right direction for Earlly Mac so hopefully we get new music later on this year. For now, this will do.

-Jeqcory Davis


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