To Pimp A Butterfly Album Review

To Pimp A Butterfly
If I could use one word to describe To Pimp A Butterfly,I’d use the work funky. Because that’s exactly what it is. From the opening song once the beat drops you know you’re in for something special from Kendrick. When George Clinton says “HIT ME” and the beat drops it’s all over from there. The opening song is just display of what will be coming forth in the rest of the album. An interesting interlude follows after with a woman shouting about how niggas ain’t shit and then Kendrick spits a beautiful poem over a back drop made to sound like he was performing at an open mic session.

The song everybody was talking about before the album dropped “King Kunta” comes in after and is a little lackluster for what everyone said it sounded like. Next comes a personal favorite of mine institutionalized which features a great cameo from Snoop Dogg. These walls has Anna Wise singing over one of the more funky beats on the album and is great. “u” a more somber track and sad one and has Kendrick displaying many emotions and even crying and drinking on the track. “Alright” which is probably my favorite song has a Rick Ross sample and Pharrell on hook telling you “everything is gon be alright” The next couple of songs are classic Kendrick touching on social issues as well as flexing his lyrical complex.

The blackest track on the album “The Blacker The Berry” stands out for being unapologetically African American and unforgiving. He even raps about a African American man’s distinct features in the song making the raps all the more powerful. Then he cools out on “You ain’t gotta lie” which is another stand out. It’s demeanor is so cool and chill with the hook repeating “You ain’t gotta lie to kick it my nigga” The album is now winding down and the next song is the Grammy award winning “I” which is now live and sounds way better live this time around. (I hated this song before the album came out) There’s a part in the song where a fight breaks out in the crowd and has Kendrick talking to the crowd asking “How many niggas we done lost this year?” And the final track is amazing pulling the whole album together. In most the songs Kendrick had a run on sentence that he kept adding on to but never finishing. Once “Mortal Man” ends he finishes the sentence and actually a Tupac interview ensues. That is the perfect ending to a great album. Good job again Kendrick.
Favorite song: “Alright”
Least Favorite Song: “U”

-Jeqcory Davis


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