Alpha Fashion Show 2015

On Saturday, April 18, 2015 the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated hosted the 14th Annual Hair & Fashion Show. As the show begun, the lights dimmed, and the curtains opened. The show consist of two male host, a junior, and senior from Michigan State University. As the two host warmed the crowd up with a few jokes, they then transferred into the description of what the show was going to bring; Don’t Sleep On Me, The Scandal, Candy Crush, Burlesque, Ready To Indulge, World War Infinity, 7 Shades of Gray, Ego-Trip and a special contribution called Black Lives Matter.
Grabbing the audience’s attention, several models spilled out onto the stage in Surreal Legacy tank tops and spandex black shorts.
As “Olivia and her Gladiators graced the stage,” in their business-casual attire, they showed off their greed for the job. To keep the models from getting tired, designers gave them a candy rush that triggered their bubbly side. With candy covered bras and multi-colored tutus, several ladies blew gluttony-filled kisses to the crowd.
Wearing black corsets with lustful red lipstick on, the models walked the stage, then broke out into a Burlesque themed dance. To turn up the heat some more, Fever by Beyonce played as the models strolled with a passionate desire. Moving into an intermission, the crowd cooled off in wait for more. The two hosts reappeared on stage and read some of the tweets that had the hashtag #AlphaFashionShow. With only being half way through the show, the audience was giving such positive feedback and how they loved the models.

Brightening things back up, several models pranced out onto the stage in bikinis, sun glasses, cover-ups and aprons. This was “the barbecue of the year,” and the ladies couldn’t get enough. Forming a soul train line, This Is How We Do It played while each model showed off their own dance while making their way down the line. With a world war of infinity ahead, the models strutted across the stage being envious towards one another. Many of the models had on tribal or animal printed clothes. While the crowd bobbed their heads to L.A.LOVE, the models stood in a tribal stance to end the scene.
To start another scene of lust, smoke sprayed onto the stage as The Weekend’s voice lingered through the audience in his song Earned It. Several models sat seductively in wooden chairs with lingerie and robes on, then one by one made their way to the front of the stage to seduce an Alpha man. Going from seducing the crowd, the models took an ego-trip as Partition by Beyonce played. The ladies wore various outfits from rompers and jumpsuits to high-waist skirts and dresses. Not letting their egos get the best of them, they came together at the end with Run the World playing in the background.
Introducing the last scene, the Alpha host stated how their scene of wrath was a special tribute to Trayvon Martin and Black Lives Matter. Models slowly slugged their way on stage in hand cuffs and chains, while J. Cole’s Be Free played. The models reenacted the Trayvon Martin incident with Cole as the narrator.
Many tweets were made saying how wonderful the show was; however, this wasn’t the end; a poet came out and spoke two poems. To finally end the show, all of the models came out wearing black dresses. Once everyone was thanked for helping put on an outstanding show, the Alpha men strolled across the stage as everyone slowly congregated and left.
With such positive feedback, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated have yet to prepare for another fashion show.

-Starria C.


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