Chance The Rapper Concert

There’s a difference between a concert and a show. The various opening acts, Hoodie Allen, and Chance gave a great show. Chance the Rapper performed all of is songs from his mixtape 10 days, Acid Rap, and his latest singles. He also interacted with the audience as well, being very engaging and making everyone stand up to make it feel like a music festival. The concert was full of energy and surprises, with one female fan jumping on stage, who was quickly taken from security. When she jumped on stage, the lights quickly turned off, and came back on while Chance continued to perform with the same energy. The crowd never stayed quiet, and went crazy when he played his most popular song “Juice” from Acid Rap.

Chance also did the Jit dance in one of his songs. The crowd was so pleased, that when they thought it was over, they chanted for one more song. With Chance being the artist to give the audience what they want, he did just that and ended his show with his song “Chain Smoker”. This was by far, one of the best shows I have ever been to. Chance not only shows that he can make great music, but create great performance s as well.


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