MSU Global Health Brigade Program


The Michigan State Global Health Brigade is a team of undergraduate students whose focus is to serve underprivileged populations around the world free medical and dental care. This past Spring we were able to serve over 1000 patients!
There are many ways you can get involved. We will be accepting applicants to go on the Spring 2016 trip in the fall, but we will be posting more and more information as it gets closer to the new school year.
If you are interested in participating, email Charnay Gloss at

Michigan State University Global Dental & Medical Brigades
Congratulations to all of our members who either attended the December 2014 brigade or the March 2015 brigade! We are so extremely excited that we were able to provide this opportunity to two amazing…
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If you are interested in participating, email Charnay Gloss at

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“My heart was so incredibly full the entire time I got to spend in this beautiful country. From the amazing MSU students I was able to work with, to the Hondurans who were easily the most humble, patient, and kind population of people I have ever met, to the incredible & welcoming staff of Global Brigades… It has never been so hard to leave a place as it was after this week. But knowing that I will no doubt be back makes it a little easier!”
-Senior, 2nd year Brigader

“Honduras was overwhelmingly wonderful and eye-opening. I could never fully express my gratitude for this opportunity and the people I’ve met from it.”
-Freshman, 1st year Brigader

“The best people, the best experience.”
-Junior, 3rd Year Brigader


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