Cuffing Season Thoughts

By Norrlyn-Michael Allen

The time of the year when relationships are solidified and hands are touching more than Gameboys and handhelds. “I Love You,” is merely a sentence shuttered from lips to cause a belief in the level of attraction displayed as if it took flights of stairs to accumulate love.

A love heavier than a supercarrier with enough planes to carry a heart to a playing field not designed for games. Games being played but with winter approaching there’s no time for “Tic Tac Toe,” only an X for whatever marks the spot and only an ex for whose lost a spot. As we hear the “tick tock” time only tells the secrets untold. Its hand points in the direction of which we’ll go. Similar to hunting season, we hunt we season whatever we have caught, typically feelings. Feelings, I have a feeling this is the time we’ll be filling up with them as if we don’t have enough in the tank already.

Time for late night warmth with pillow talk and we’re all ready. We’re all steady and looking forward to a future we never thought of, having someone next to you accumulates thoughts of Cuffing Season. Cuffed like cuff links and bound to boundaries of cold weather allows momentum to surface Love at a moment’s notice. Notice hands clinch tighter than playoff spots as lips connect more than “Connect 4” taking more than four consecutive chips to dip pointed tips in a bowl of salsa. Isit and think of reason for a period to cuff through a coughing season though the flu in the air causes disease of affection posed more possessive than the common cold.

The commonality of a cold heart couldn’t compete with the temperature listed on winter’s thermometer so even they find a warmer heart to hibernate in. Hibernating barely baring the effect of a caring being so being careful is all they can afford to pay the toll of passing through an area quite like this. Nights like this are designed for the designated to reach destinations so far outdated they are only stated in the moment since those thoughts aren’t soon be coming but much like a race at a point which time’s running.

Running to a sanity enabling insanity to provide company as a companion creating creatures to construct the same idea. Sane ideas, same ideologies, and ideality relate to relative topics taking two stars to form the tip of their constellation. Constellations created entails stars cutting corners constructing edges lining a vertex becoming the index of a finger pointing the direction of the person in sight.

College cooks melt pots whipping melting pots of who we want to be with sweetened aroma in the air when we pass who we want to see. I used to loaf around until I found the meat of my desires and topped it with the perfect season. Negatively considering this feasible I caught a feeling causing me to drop to my knees and toes constantly doubting the reason until I caught the sense my heart committed treason. Oh well, welcome to Cuffing Season


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