College Date Night Ideas (Spartan Edition)

By Cynthia Lee
There are other things you can do instead of Netflix and chill. No matter if it’s a first date, or annual date night these ideas are something anyone can enjoy in East Lansing. Also, they won’t break the bank!

  1. Arcade

There’s nothing like the nostalgia of old-school arcade games. Pinball Pete’s arcade right off Grand River is a great spot to have some great fun, on a college budget. Who doesn’t love a good game of air hockey?

2. Bowling


The MSU Union offers free bowling for students on Wednesday nights. Plus it’s more fun if your partner knows how to bowl and you don’t (or act like you don’t). It gives them the opportunity to teach you how to bowl (or try too)! Also, make it a bet of whoever wins chooses the next date.

3. Ice Skating at Munn


It don’t have to be Winter to go ice skating. Munn indoor ice arena offers public skating on the weekends. For students it’s only $5 with students id ($6 for general public). Plus if you don’t have skates, rentals are $2 and you can’t beat that!

4. Sushi Date at Omi


If your the type of couple with an acquired taste, or want to try something new (as well tired of the cafe “sushi”). Omi Sushi is the sleek sushi house with a collection of rolls. The sleek, and modern decor give it an upscale atmosphere without the upscale price.

5. Movies


Whether it’s an exclusive pre-screening or usual movie showing weekend, you can catch Wells hall offering movie showings for free (with student id). If your feeling fancy go down the street to Studio C movie theatre (behind Meridian) for dinner and a movie. The upscale movie theater have a bistro inside, along with full bar you can bring in the theater and eat in the luxury chairs.

6. Laser Tag at Spare Time


This is best for group dates (you need a certain number of people to play). Spare Time Entertainment located just a few minutes from campus, offering a large laser tag arena perfect for a date. It’s exciting and fun, and great place to talk mess to your partner. Spare Time also offer an arcade, bowling alley, volley ball court, rope course (only for summer), and laser maze. Plus after all that fun, they have a restaurant inside with wings,pizza, and more.

7. Museum Trip


Why not take a look inside the building, you always past by on the way to class. If your the artsy type of couple, the Broad Art Museum is a great place to visit. There are always new exhibits to check out, as well events. Also, it’s a great place to take pics for Instagram.

8. Concerts


This is a great idea for music lovers! Concerts are a great place to have fun. Places like the The Loft in Lansing offer low prices in the intimate venue, to watch all your favorite artist. The venue also have a bar to hang out, in between intermission. Also, MSU RHA throw concerts on campus at the Auditorium.

9. Shooting Range


For the adventurous couple the Demmer Center is a nice low-key spot for a date night. From archery, fire arms with safety gear with no additional fee; it’s a great alternative to the usual date night. The Center is free to the public on the weekends.

10. Uncle Johns Cider Mill


This is the best fall date! With outdoor activities from fruit flying apple cannon, wagon rides, and the autumn weather this is an ideal spot. Uncle Johns Cider Mill is a must, to visit located in Saint John,MI. Plus, all the apple cider and donuts you can eat and drink! Who wouldn’t love that?!

Even if you don’t go to Michigan State University, you can still find similar places no matter where you live. Dating supposed to be fun, therefore be creative and make it enjoyable!

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Instagram: @Lashawn_L


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