You Almost Had It…Why We Are Still Laughing At U of M!

By Zachary Mitchell


Although the game was a week ago, we still can’t get over the joy seeing the defeat. In the final ten seconds of the game, Michigan was up by two points. Every person in the crowd had the mentality that this game was officially over! A miracle was sent to the Spartans within these final seconds, player Blake O’Neil lost control of a low thrown snap, by the center of the wolverines and fumbled the ball.


Jalen Watts Jackson caught the fumble and ran for 38 yards into Michigan’s in zone, resulting in a win for the Spartans final score 27-23. Jalen was tackled from behind directly on top of Michigan’s maize “M” logo, where all his teammates piled on him and resulted in him having a fractured hip.

He was later on rode off of the field on a cart and driven to the hospital, not even getting a chance to see the excitement that he built amongst so many individuals. Michigan State’s football coach Mark Dantonio said: “It’s because things like this happen, every now and then, they happen.”


There was also a Michigan fan who suffered from a heart attack do to this tragic lost but he ended up receiving CPR and been helped by the paramedics. The University of Michigan’s campus was very furious, resulting in multiple fires but nothing severe the fire department handled it all.



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