By Cynthia Lee


There is nothing new under the sun. Viewing the current state of University of Missouri, one will think it was the 1950’s instead of 2015. What began as a hunger strike by graduate student Jonathan Butler prompting the schools president to step down, for not taking action after a swastika drawn with human feces on a college dorm wall. Not only has the student hunger strike gained national attention, but increased racial tension even more on campus.

Late Tuesday night a student posted on the campus YikYak with terrorist threats directed to the black students on campus.


Students tweeted the fear they were experiencing on campus, along with presence of the KKK on campus.



Some students even contacted faculty members on the fear of their safety, along with very nonchalant responses.



This is not only a reminder of why #BlackLivesMatter, but also a realization that this is something that can happen at any PWI (even Michigan State University). We must support and not ignore this matter for our Mizzou students. #PrayForMizzou


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