Why #BlackLivesMatter:Statements from MSU Black Caucus

By Cynthia Lee

Students marching on November 13th, 2015 in response to the Mizzou incident.

For those who don’t know or understand the hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter is an international activist movement, originating within the African American community campaigning against violence toward black people. It was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime.

In response to #BlackLivesMatter, the hashtag #AllLivesMatter began causing controversy. Some people still don’t understand why #BlackLivesMatter is more than a trend but a serious movement.

Photo Credit: Shaylyn Adams

Here at Michigan State University, various Black Caucus sites on campus gave their statements on why it is important to them.

Photo Credit: Shaylyn Adams
Photo Credit: Shaylyn Adams

Red Cedar Black Caucus:

Why is #BlackLivesMatter important?In a society where African Americans are designed to fail, it is important that we show the world that black lives do matter. African Americans are too valuable, power, and strong for us to just to be pushed to the side and undermined by the laws, media/news, and the police. The injustices that have been happening to my people by our “protectors” have to stop. We cannot stand for the abuse, killing, and slander of Black People. This is why we have to stand together and show the world that we matter and should not be taken for granted because we are not disposable.

Rashell Funchess


edit 9
Black Student Alliance at the painting the rock campout.

West Circle Black Caucus:


Dear My Fellow Student Body,

This statement was written in the sidewalk with chalk outside of the Union: “ABORTION= #1 KILLER OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS #BLACKLIVESMATTER”

#BLACKLIVESMATTER is NOT a silly joke or a game—it is a real movement that has REAL meaning to Blacks and People of Color. It is meant to combat the struggles that affect minorities on a DAILY basis and has for too many years in America! It is meant to stand up against the POLICE BRUTALITY, MASS INCARCERATION, DISCRIMINATION, SOCIAL INEQUALITY and overall RACISM that effects our lives and communities, not to criticize people who choose to get an abortion.

More importantly, it gives minorities who have been misrepresented a VOICE and an opportunity to stand up for something they truly believe in, in a world where wehave been washed out.

I am a strong believer in using your right of freedom of speech to get a message across, but I will not sit back and be silent when I see something that ignorantly assaults a movement that means so much more than just a hashtag.


Crystal King, West Circle Black Caucus President


South Neighborhood Black Caucus:

The Black Lives Matter movement is just as relevant today as the Civil RightsMovement was in the sixties. With the recent unjusti!ed killings of unarmed African American civilians there looms a scary reminder of the tragedy of Emmett Till. Today, African Americans – particularly African American males – are constantly racially pro!led and stereotyped by the government, law enforcement, and peers.

This has led to a countless amount of innocent black lives lost. The Black Lives Matter movement brings awareness to the discriminatory practices that wrongfully target black citizens. Not only is the goal to bring awareness to these issues, but it also focuses on a changed narrative: it aims to destroy the wrongful stereotypes of African Americans ascriminals and thugs portrayed by media.

The BLM movement changes this byemphasizing the humanity of Black citizens. Continually, BLM provides a united voice for African Americans to stand against these injustices and !ght for a change.

Gia Toler


Photo Credit: Shaylyn Adams
Photo Credit: Shaylyn Adams

How does #BlackLivesMatter to you? Comment below on your thoughts on the movement.

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