Top Three Blogs for Fashion Inspiration

By Starria Coppins

Getting fashion inspiration isn’t hard at all. Of course you can view the people around you, or look at pictures on Instagram or Twitter. I like looking to social media for fashion inspiration, especially on Tumblr, but there’s three blogs that I can always count on for some new ideas. Confessions of a Glamaholic, Kayture and Shirley’ s Wardrobe are my absolute three favorite blogs to constantly check in on.


Confessions of a Glamaholic is ran by none other than Detroit native Mia Ray. I love how she shows a classy, urban style on her blog. Mia Ray has Shop + Share for her followers, where she spills where to get the latest trends. Along with fashion, Ray shares beauty and health tips along with lifestyle blog post.


From lifestyle comes travel, food, culture and much more. On Kayture’s blog, she shares just about everything involved with her lavish life. This is a new blog to me that I recently discoveredthis past summer.

However, I love how she shows fashion through her scenery and different cultures. Shirley’s Wardrobe is the first blog that I have stayed connected with where the blogger is fromoutside of the United States. This blog is so light, refreshing and her style is very clean and classy.


I love Shirley’s blog because not only does she have fashion and beauty tabs, but she has a Photo Diary tab. This tab is like all of your Instagram photos collaged into different sets.

Each of her photos can be an inspiration for fashion, beauty or even lifestyle (such as redecorating your room, or organizing your clothes/makeup differently). Of course these ladies don’t just blog, they all have YouTube channels as well.

I personally likegoing to their channels more sometimes because it’s an instant connection with the blogger versus reading their post all of the time. I recommend that everyone who has a fashion interest check out all three of these blogs to see which they connect with most.

YouTube Channels:

Confessions of a Glamaholic


Shirley’ s Wardrobe


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