Top Beauty Vloggers of 2015

By Moranda Thomas


The biggest problem for girls of color entering the fashion and beauty world is that they don’t know who to trust to guide them. Let’s be real, we are very unique women.

Girls of color have many limitations when it comes to cosmetics. These limitations include the lack of cosmetics, the lack of people who actually know how to apply these products for us, and the affordability of these products.

Not only do girls of color face the issue of finding the right cosmetics, but also the issue of finding fitting hairstyles for our beautiful, course, and sometimes hard to manage hair.

What products to use? Are extensions manageable and healthy for our hair? What styles are in? These are all questions we are all dying to answer.

Along with finding a hairstyle comes the issue of actually finding an outfit for that hairstyle. Fashion is something that women in general take pride in, but this is also an ever changing thing.

The biggest question is, “What trends should we be following?” The hardest part about answering this question is finding the perfect person to answer it for us.

Good news, ladies! There are actually people who dedicate a lot of time to helping girls of color make their transition into the world of beauty and fashion. Here is a list of my top five female beauty vloggers on Youtube:

1.) Irishcel507 (IrisBelin): Makeup/Hair

Source: Google
Source: Instagram


4.) Jackie Aina (Jackie Aina): Makeup

Source: Instagram


5.) Sonjradeluxe (Sonjradeluxe): Makeup

Source: Tumblr


Each of these ladies have a niche in one or more areas pertaining to beauty and fashion. What makes them distinct is that they are in all actuality, just like us. They are everyday people, and that’s what makes them interesting to hear from.


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