Fashion Fall to Winter Holidays

By Starria Coppins


This Holliday season hasn’t been crucially cold so far. With the winter season approaching us, you all can still take advantage of fall fashion and mix it in with winter apparel.

Bringing your fall fashion into the winter season is so simple. You can still wear layers; however, it all depends on what winter assets you decide to incorporate with your looks.


When it comes to wearing layers, you can always add a button up shirt (denim or plaid), a jacket or cardigan and then your heavy winter coat. Because the weather is still nice, you can wear each piece open to show off your outfit instead of bundling up.


During the holiday season, I always dress according to the three C’s: comfy, cozy, and cute. It’s always best to be comfy instead of in something too tight, cutting off circulation or something that you have to continuously fix. Cozy is especially for this season because you want to be warm, but not hot.

Finally, each piece must always be cute of course. Heading home for the holidays means taking many pictures which also means that you will need to be dressed to impress for each photo. Keep in mind that fall fashion can fall spill into your winter outfits and to always be camera ready.



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