Bye Stacey

By Briiya Smith-Curney

With the disclosure of this year’s Oscar nominations came backlash from

America’s “Black Hollywood.” The Academy Award’s Oscar has been known to

be sparsely received by talents who aren’t of the Caucasian persuasion. From

Nick Cannon’s spoken word to Jada Pinkett Smith’s proposal of people of color

boycotting the award ceremony altogether, that lack of diversity was called out

and made clear. Among the social media posts of actors and actresses who

stood on a similar accord, there was one who sat in striking contrast.

On, January 19, 2016, Fox News contributor and (narrowly noted) actress Stacey

Dash made comments on the controversy that few could appreciate. Her

conservative views have been known to leave audiences flabbergasted and even

cause suspension from Fox since her 2014 signing as their contributor to cultural

analysis. Yet, her words of “…if we don’t want segregation, then we have to get

rid of channels like BET…there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re

Americans,” made for her biggest span of media attention since her role in film

“Clueless” twenty plus years ago.

Views of individuals from all races poured in as Dash’s words left her mouth.

Many opinions were summed up by to those of bluntly opinionated blogger Funky

Dineva: “What confetti brains fails to realize is that if we were all on a level

playing field, with equal access to resources, and operates within a system that

did not systematically oppress certain groups, then she’s absolutely right.” He

goes on to say, “However, since we live in a society that goes out of its way to

exclude certain members of the population we have to create our own

[explicative] just to be recognized.”


Masses also questioned what motives were behind Stacey Dash’s words. Some

took to social media to suggest that perhaps self-hate was the root of her

dismissal. Her cousin, co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash spoke

out in a sense that he’s ashamed that her “cooning” is associated with their

family’s last lame. He even evoked that Fox News is paying Stacey to specifically

make the sort of comments she’s made. Whatever the motive, she’s clearly

outnumbered by those who don’t support her opinion and are angered by the

Oscars being “so white.”

Moving forward, will this call to integrate be received by the Academy voters who

are indeed 94% white, 76% men, and an average of 63 years old? Or will this

plea to be recognized cause more measures to cater to recognition amongst

ourselves as people of color?

Stacy Dash: #OscarsNOTSoWhite?

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