Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

By Moranda Thomas

Valentine’s Day may make some of us girls a bit uncomfortable if we aren’t currently dating anyone. The bright side is, there are guys everywhere that feel the same exact way. I have a few makeup tips that will transform you from a lonely, ice cream eating, hot mess to a hottie fresh on the market! Don’t fret, my ladies that are taken, these tips will help you ignite the flame between you and your guy too. Valentine’s day is perfect for looking good and finding a man, and keeping one too. Here’s a list of the hottest makeup looks Valentine’s Day 2016.

  1. If you want something sweet and sexy try Pink Glitter Halo Eyes by makeup artist, Iris Belin(Youtube Makeup Artist). Affordable products you could use for this look are Elf’s Long Lasting Lustrous White Eyeshadow, and Elf’s Prism Eyeshadow (with shades of pink); combine this with a soft nude or pink lip (ex: Snob lipglass or St. Germain by MAC). fashion 1
  2. If you’re a simple girl, but you want to try a popping new lip, try ItsMyRayeRaye’s (Youtube makeup artist) red  ombre lip. Some products to use would be a red lip liner of any sort and Elf’s Red Carpet lip stain, and also a brown lip pencil to line it when the red lip liner and stain have been applied. To get a glossy look, you can use the other side of the lip stain to gloss it up and get fancy. fashion2
  3. For the Perfect Valentine’s Day glow, try using MAC’s Oh Darling Highlighter just as StarrNicole Beauty (Youtube makeup artist) did. You’ll be sure to wow your guy or for my single ladies, find your guy. “Spotted you, you had that gloooowww” (Fetty Wap Voice).fashion3
  4. For my ladies that aren’t into pinks and reds, here’s a sultry smokey eye done by AaliyahJay (Youtube makeup artist). To achieve this look at an affordable cost, Black Radiance eyeshadow base, Elf’s Black Cream Eyeliner, and Elf’s Black Mineral Eyeshadow along with their Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette. This look will be sure to snatch souls this Valentine’s Dayfashion4
  5. BONUS TIP: For girls that don’t really like full face makeup, here’s something that will keep your man blushing! This last tip comes straight from me. Black Radiance’s Baked Artisan Blush in Warm Berry, Almond, and Plum Sorbet are all great for adding color to your face without taking away from your natural beauty. Model: Kayla Taylor (wearing Warm Berry) Makeup Artist: Moranda Thomasfashion5



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