#SlightWork Is The Movement

By Kaliah Butler

Have you ever seen a group of men walking around with t-shirts with a guy lifting weights? SlightWork was founded by MSU Sophomore Mykal Avery also known as True during the summer of 2015. He has created a team of dynamic leadership and inspired many others around the MSU community. Yes, we all know that SlightWork throws some of the craziest parties! However, when you pull off the partying mask these men have done so much more to better our community. Checkout my interview below with the CEO/Founder of the #SlightWork Movement!


Q: So to begin this interview, for those who may not know about the SlightWork Movement can you tell me who you all are?

A: SlightWork is not only an organization, but it is a movement. We bring together the two worlds (education/community service, and parties) that usually conflicts with each other and make them coincide. Our ultimate goal is to empower as many people as possible and teach them that there are other ways of doing things.

Q: A few people tend to associate SlightWork with just hosting/promoting parties…What else do you all do to better the community?

A: SlightWork is in fact known for hosting several successful parties, but there is more than what meets the eye. We have been asked on panels for events with Iota Phi Theta and Successful Black Women. Our team has traveled to Flint, Michigan numerous of times to help with their water crisis. We have teamed up with Iota’s for study tables and we were the only organization throughout the summer to host study tables at the MSU Library. We not only participated in a Breast Cancer walk, but also gave away donations to numerous of organizations and other independent collectors. SlightWork has also managed to do all of these things without receiving financial assistance from the school or any other campus source. It’s not that we only promote parties, we just don’t always promote the good we do.

Q: Just recently SlightWork went around MSU passing out roses for Valentine’s Day. What made you all decide to do this kind gesture?

A: We know there are a lot of ladies on this campus that may or may not have someone in their life who is able to show them appreciation on Valentine’s Day. We just thought roses were a good way to show the ladies that there are still guys that want nothing more than to see them smile without expecting anything in return.

Q: How did you approach the lucky ladies and what kind of reactions did you receive from them? Is this a tradition that SlightWork plans on doing every year?

A: We approached the ladies with as much respect and professionalism as possible. Each member approached the women and informed them of their name, our organization and we also tried to pay the ladies a compliment at all times when possible. In return we were given many smiles and words of appreciation! The SlightWork Roses was a success! However, we try our best not to copy what has been done before. Next year we plan on doing something even better.

Q: What does SlightWork have planned for the rest of the semester?

A: We are only have way through the semester, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Q: If someone was interested in being a part of SlightWork, how can they get in contact with you all?

A: They can express their interest on any of our social media pages or to any of our current members. They can also contact us via email.

So as you can see, SlightWork is not just all about partying, but they better the MSU community through service and leadership. Follow the SlightWork Movement on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram: @msu_slightwork.

Are you interested in joining the movement shoot them an email   msuslightwork@gmail.com! image




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