When life give you lemons, make Lemonade.

By: Briiya Smith-Curney


Beyoncé has turned the lemons, life has given her into “Lemonade.” The icon’s sixth studio album (and second visual album) wasted no time climbing to #1 on charts, around the world which occurred in less than 24 hours after its HBO debut, and post to TIDAL on Saturday. The success of “Lemonade” is no surprise considering the fact, that it raised the standard for visual and musical art. Once again, Bey has left the world in awe as we listen to the poems she recites; to that undeniable voice belt out songs that hold the tune of hurt, pain, and redemption black women face; and as we watch the dark, spooky, rustic, and at times explosive scenes that were complied to create “Lemonade.”


With this album having such an intense message, arguments have been raised on whether Beyoncé is speaking from personal experiences. The big question has become “Did Jay-Z cheat on Beyoncé?” The star has always been extremely private when it comes to her personal life, many are skeptical about if this work is her way of finally letting it out, thus letting her fans in a little more. Nonetheless, what is certain is that the visual album does include clips of home videos we’ve never seen. Beyoncé gives the world: a childhood video where she sat and talked with her father, Mathew Knowles; Blue Ivy interacting with Mathew Knowles and Jay-Z; her and Jay-Z’s wedding reception; her mom, Mrs. Tina Lawson remarrying; and an essential explanation to the title of the album: her grandmother’s 90th birthday speech where she says, “Life gave me lemons, but I made lemonade.


Image Sources: eonline, Huxstonst


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